I am never bored with the classes at PPPS because I have learned that Pilates is an unending learning process involving my body and my mind, and my hope is that by going there I will continue to build strength and flexibility. I am fascinated by the vast number of exercises that can be performed on the apparatus and the instructors with their attention to detail ensure they are done to maximize the results. I cannot recommend the classes at PPPS highly enough.


I just moved back to Palm Springs from Santa Barbara where I was introduced to a form of Pilates. I loved it, and got into the best shape of my 51 years.

I was thrilled when Pilates Plus opened in Palm Springs. The equipment is far superior, it's incredible, it's a comfortable reformer with easy to control resistance springs - WOW!!!!

This equipment, in a class format with excellent trainers, is like Bootcamp Pilates... bring it on.

Donna Mannoff

I am a 58 year old man, who, at my wife's urging, signed up for a FEW classes at Pilates Plus Palm Springs. Believe it or not that was months ago. Except for the Marines I have never been able to keep to an exercise program; and yet I have not missed a single workout and I actually look forward to the next one.

Like most men I have a well developed upper body and an under developed lower body. Pilates Plus addresses it all! I believe I'm on the way to being in the best overall shape of my life (Oh did I mention "No pain - no gain"). Can you believe "flexibility" and "balance" are now a part of my vocabulary.

In a group class format Skipp & Ron have each taken the time to work with me on my technique and are careful to protect my past injuries.

To Pilates Plus,

I am writing this note to let you know how much I've enjoyed this form of pilates. I have worked out for most of my 56 years but this is the first time that I have noticed changes in my body that I have been hoping for. As a physician I believe that weight training develops muscles in an apparent one dimensional manner often with under development of the flexors or extensors with resultant stress on the joints. This unequal muscle development frequently results in chronic back problems. Other exercises like running can result in repetitive injuries. Pilates combined with cross training seems to develop the body in a 3 dimensional manner. It develops the body more functionally. Combine this with its cardiovascular benefits from the 50 minutes of continuous action and you have a body that looks and feels good.

Thanks guys!
Mitch Atlas,MD

Thank you for asking me to write about my personal experience with Pilates Pus from a medical perspective. Having spent my clinical and academic practice involved with sports medicine and performance enhancement, there are many scientific explanations I could supply to support the benefits of Pilates. As an athlete with a background in cycling, running and triathlon, I have experienced the highs of personal bests, the lows of frustrating injuries and the rigors of rehabilitation.

For me, however, the ultimate testimony to the unique approach of Pilates Plus is how it makes me feel. Previously, I had concentrated on aerobic conditioning and weight training, and when I began with Skipp and Ron my core strength and balance left a lot of room for improvement. After only a few months my nagging back was no longer an issue and my notoriously tight hamstrings were actually flexible.

The classes seem to fly by, each session challenging and each instructor motivating. At the end of the class I am always glad that I made the time to attend and always leave feeling better than when I arrived. I have recommended this program to my friends and family and personally attest to the benefits by my continued attendance.

In good health,

Robert N. Mohr, DPM, FACFAS
Immediate Past Chief - Division of Podiatric Surgery
UCLA Department of Surgery