Missoni Lanza | Certified Instructor

Missoni Lanza

Missoni has been a practitioner of the Pilates Method since the young age of 16. She fully credits Pilates for inspiring a healthier lifestyle, her 65lb weight loss, relieving knee and back pain as a result of a head on collision, improving her dynamics and range as a vocalist and living with scoliosis. "Pilates changed my life, it allowed me to gain a new appreciation and understanding of my body." After being recommended to become a certified instructor by another instructor, Missoni enrolled in the Pilates Sports Center training program that is recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance (a school based in Los Angeles.) and graduated 2011. "My life revolves around the well being of others. May it be emotionally through music, or spiritually and physically through Pilates. That is my purpose and primary focus, I live for it."

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